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Style Stalker Frontin Mini Dress – SATC

Carrie Bradshaw classically comes out of her brownstone and gives us a fashion WOW like she’s at the top of the red carpet or A Fashion Week runway. We love that moment and this is an outfit inspired by that moment.
Style Stalker Frontin Cut Out Mini Dress


Shoe Shame Fame

During my usual Sunday morning tea and internet  sale alert review, I found some things that amazed me and called out for more research.

The first amazing discovery was that I had not already downloaded the Saks Fifth Ave shopping app. Thankfully that was corrected in a matter of moments. I just followed the link at the web site and bibbity bobbity boo the deed was done.

The second amazing thing that I discovered was that the Sedaraby Jewel Buckle d’Orsay pump by Manolo Blahnik is listing at $755.  That fact on its own would not have warranted a second glance but it put me in mind of Sarah Jessica Parker and the SATC factor.  At what cost fame of the feet?

In episode 609 “A Woman’s Right To Shoes” Carrie is due a replacement pair of the above Manolos by her friend Kyra as a result of an unfortunate shoe napping during a party for Baby Boy Bronson. Well, Kyra is married with three kids and her $500 a pair shoe shopping days ( not to mention party girl ways) are behind her. In the end the “brave” Carrie is made whole by her friends $485 + tax purchase. Clearly after some thought friendship won out.

I have learned a little something on this weekend shopping rewind?  My mind is sharper than thought when it comes to remembering prices.  My girlfriends and I watched way to much television. My favorite drink is still a Cosmo.  Most of all, that my BFF and 35+ single ladies everywhere are free to run out and get their own statement making shoes.  Just keep in mind that THIS famous statement will cost your feet about a 63% fame markup.


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