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This Season’s Must Haves: Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno’s style has a built-in Boho quality with a classic edge.  We particularly loved the easy to wear pieces we picked for our style sheet.

The ease of the short sleeve lace band across the chest and the gentle A-line easily  makes the white dress a SP/SU basic that can go to the office with a sweet crop jacket of any color and coordinating shoe from kitten heel to platform pump.

The warmth of the orange sleeveless tunic with  drop waist drawstring would be well styled with an oversized basket weave tote, 3/4 length leggings and ballet flats or a clutch and gladiators for movie night.


  This Season's Must Haves: Vanessa Bruno

Faith, Love, Hope & Fashion 04.19.12

In the office today listening to The Best of The 80’s and reliving great memories… oops! I think we just dated ourselves!  Anyway, here are a few great current looks inspired by some equally great old memories.

We love it so much that we think this layout will  become one of our staples. Enjoy!

Faith, Love, Hope & Fashion 04.19.12

From Our Closets: Red Hot Wardrobe

RED: dividing the daring from the dull!

We love what a hint of red can do to our closet. Something a little exciting to lift or spirits for the day.From Our Closets: Red Hot Wardrobe

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show Collection: Fall Winter 2012-2013

Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2013 Fashion Show

Military Work/Play

Military Work/Play

TothBori military jacket
€180 –

H M short skirt
£3.99 –

Christian Louboutin glitter high heels
$1,395 –

Tory Burch leather handbag
£294 –

Diamond earrings
$21,920 –

How Now You Crazy Brows

How Now Crazy Brow

Brows have been one of the most challenging parts of doing my make-up.  For starters, I have very thin brows which look thinner because of my dark hair.  In my 20’s working at a major cosmetic counter for an Estee Lauder company, I really just used their brow filler and moved on to mastering some other point of my face.  Now years later I have come across an amazing video master class in brows by Pixiwoo.  They really make it seem so easy to have any shape you would like to try on.  Using the tools that most of us already have, give or take a special brush or two, they really show us how wonderful this very central point on our face can be.  It is about 20 min of some of the best advice that I have gotten on the subject in a long time.  She shows an Audrey Hepburn style, Elizabeth Taylor style, Linda Evangelista style and even how to create brows out of thin air.

In order to be prepared for your video class be sure to bring your proper foundation, face powder, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow in the proper shade.  Don’t forget your patience and your willingness to experiment.  It would probably help to check out some mags for celebs with brows you admire for a starting point.  Even if you have nothing at all to work with, you will finish this video with some real tools for your technique kit.

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