No Wardrobing Allowed

Have you heard the latest fashion shopping trend? It’s the accessory many stores think you can’t leave without. It’s your very own little black security tag. 

The recent and growing trend of “black tagging” is a process where the retailer puts a visible tag in an obvious place. This security tag comes home with you!  When you are ready to wear the item, you have instructions on how to remove it. Once removed your item is no longer eligible to be returned to the store.

This new security tagging system is to assist in curbing one of the dirty little not-so-secret practices affecting the fashion world. Wearing/using an item and then taking it back after cleaning (or wardrobing) has long been the way that many girls have worn once in a lifetime outfits to one time events. I have known girls back in the late 80’s that even owned there own tag guns. Many of us may have even benefited from this pratice in the form of deeply discounted items. 

Once, I found an amazing $1,400 purse at Bergdorf Goodman at the end of a season. Clearly it had been gently used and return. Since I wanted it for my personal collection and found no wear on it that was objectionable, I purchased it.  Naturally with new season items needing floor space and the ultra savy BG management knowing that it had been returned used, the item was marked down considerably. A big win for me, a minus for BG and the sales person, bad karma for the original purchaser.

Personally I think that like many events in life, this practice gave way to companies with solutions to satisfy all. I like Bag, Borrow or Steal and Rent The Runway. Naturally for the “keepers” I love Gilt, Net-A-Porter and HauteLook. Happy & legally responsible shopping to all.


About AMBW

We are a modern specialty stationery company that takes the invitation table out of the dusty back corner of the traditional card & gift shop and brings the ordering of custom cards and closely related items front and center.

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