Spring 2010 Wardrobe Review

So you say you’re ready for Spring? As the country defrosts from the winter chill, divas everywhere are searching for hot new trends to update their look. From the Kohl’s catalogue to the windows of Bergdorf, blazing color is back with a vengeance! On the runways, models fiercely strut in apparel that mixes romance with metallics. Fashion designers are showcasing images of femininity, rebirth, love, and independence. With all the accessories available on the market today, how does a girl select trendy pieces that will work well with what she already has? The answer is clear: it’s time to do a Spring Wardrobe Review.

In the March issue of her magazine, Oprah confesses that she finally took her stylist’s advice, and cleaned out all of the outdated and ill-fitting clothes from her closet. The objective was to donate these items to a charity auction, however the concept can be applied to any woman’s wardrobe. Before you run to your closet and empty everything out on the bed, try following this simple 3-step guide first:

1) Identify your lifestyle- Oprah found an expensive handbag that she never used. It was from her ‘ladies who lunch’ phase, but once she realized that this was not who she really was, it became easier to let it go. Be authentic about who you are, and honest about how you live.

2) Define your image- On the hit show, “What Not to Wear,” stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly encourage each client to think about how she wants to be perceived by others. According to London, “how you dress tells the world how you want to be treated, so think about the message that you’re sending to others through the clothes you wear.” Streamline your image and be clear!

3) Let go of clothes that don’t fit- Randolph Duke, who designs red-carpet gowns for actresses and celebrities, offers this bit of advice: “It’s not about the number on the label, it’s about how a piece fits your shape. It’s also about the versatility of the pieces you buy.” Great outfits are based on a good fit, so get rid of all items that make you look odd.

So that’s the trick! Don’t be afraid of fashion. Steal the secrets of celebrity stylists and coordinate your separates. In this economy, it’s wasteful to buy pieces that don’t match back to what you already own. Before you make a purchase, consider how an item could be worn as part of an ensemble. Remember, the goal is to step out of your house polished and finished, so your individual pieces need to come together as part of an overall look. Now dive into that closet of yours and have fun!

By Chyna Dixon Kennedy



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